There is no doubt that online travel agencies are mushrooming like never before. Looking at the growing interest of travelers in opting services from travel agencies which have an online set-up, the overall industry is working towards making the whole process smoother and convenient for consumers. Travel industry is the only commercial sector that serves more than half of the population in the world on daily basis. To serve this huge number of consumers and connect them with travel products according to their requirement is not an easy task. Although, the whole industry is working towards making travel more favorable, but still the industry is lacking behind in many things, which needs to be addressed soon.

Now, every small or large agency is considering online platform to promote their business, as it gives them the opportunity to delve deep into the market to outreach more customers. Travel product suppliers and travel service distribution system both are inter-connected with each other and because of their collaboration, travelers get real-time data of required services. But unfortunately even in this era, the industry is having some drawbacks and challenges. Here, we will discuss about some challenges which are creating havoc among the agencies.

No Unique And Good Search Experiences

If you as a traveler, look at the interface of a travel website or app, you will find that this online platform provides a huge plethora of information about airlines and hotels. Though, it was designed in a way so that the user can select the best-suited services, but at the same time, since it asks for a lot of time and effort for it, people prefer to connect with a direct channel. But thanks to the advancing travel technology solution, that allows you to get the exact search results and making the travel experience more pleasing.

Less Connectivity

Unfortunately, less connectivity of internet is still creating havoc among netizens. Low or slow connectivity results in people taking the traditional route of booking a travel itinerary. Asian countries and some other places in the world are still facing internet issues, due to which despite having online set-up of travel business, one is unable to run their business. Looking at this problem, agencies are considering to develop a simple website and app that loads faster and displays the result instantly.

Integration Issue

The collaboration of travel agencies and hotel or airlines used to cause many issues in the past. Sometimes even it happens that a user had booked a room which was available on the website but in reality it was not. Due to the lack of a proper collaboration between the two, it used to create panic among the users. But since new technologies are innovating, it’s helping the user to get real time data of the largest inventory of airlines and hotels. Through GDS API, the travel service suppliers can easily deliver their data to the travel distribution channel, so that they can yield the services, ultimately used by the end-consumers.

Despite of all these challenges, the industry is growing rapidly and will continue to do so till eternity. With various innovative skills in travel industry, the process will only become more advantageous and will benefit OTAs more and more in near future.

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