Ladybug Meta Integration

Ladybug is a meta search engine for travel bookings that enables users to search and compare flight tickets, hotel prices, and car rentals from multiple sources. These sources are online travel agencies, travel websites, and car rental companies. When a user visits Ladybug for a specific travel product and clicks on the deal that is suitable, Ladybug redirects the user to the provider’s website to complete the reservation. Travel agents should consider Ladybug Meta integration.

Why Should You Integrate Ladybug API?

When an OTA or tour operator integrates Ladybug flight API into their website, it drives customers directly to your booking page. However, it requires a robust API to handle 100,000+ searches per day and can provide deeplink. You don’t have to pay a high commission rate, as Ladybug works on a pay-per-click model. It ensures high conversion rate and high volume.

It also shows results on the top rail of its page, which is charged only when the user is engaged. It requires a deep link to the travel agent’s site’s rate pages. It works as a pay-per-click model.

Ladybug’s Flight, hotel or car API- 2nd chance lets your user engage to your site for a specific duration. If the user is unable to make a decision within a certain period, the session will expire and it will display pop ups with better offers.

It also provides Click-to-Call for mobile users, where calls are routed through their IVR to the travel agent’s call center. It also provides analytics in real-time for each call, including date, time, and call duration. It comes with benefits, such as Pay-Per-Call and Pay-Per-Impression options and high call volume delivery. The product sold run-of-site, Geo-targeting as well as route level location targeting are not available here.

Final Takeaway

If you are new to the travel business, you are probably wondering how to get your API integrated with Ladybug. You can get in touch with Travel Portal Solution, one of the best travel technology providers. It assists travel agents and tour operators with flight API integration, so that they can widen their distribution channel and increase conversion rate.

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