How to Get Sabre Terminal Software

A cloud-based Sabre travel software provides solutions to travel management corporates, travelers, airlines, hotels, cars, and cruise. It provides seamless operations in the world’s largest market- the travel industry. The integration of Sabre software gives access to the big data of the travel content driven by Sabre GDS. In simple words, it connects buyers and sellers through a software system. Sabre software connects more than three millions travel agencies and tour operators to 400 airlines, 116,0006 hotels, 27 car rentals, 16 cruise lines, and other travel service suppliers operating globally.

This industry-leading software solution brings efficiency, reduces costs, and provides seamless service to the complexities of operating a travel agency that can manage airlines, hotels, travel packages, and more.


Before you go ahead with the process, it is important to understand the pricing. Sabre’s prices are considerable and depend on the volume of services the company requires from the provider. Additionally, Sabre hasn’t made the prices public. You need to contact their team to get an offer. The pricing you receive from Sabre depends on various parameters, including the market you are going to work on and the inventory you want to get.

The additional parameters includes:

  • Payment timeframe, which means how fast you can cover the requested amount.
  • Your understanding of the end product you are planning to build.
  • Timeframe to get your IATA accreditation.

Guideline to Get Sabre Terminal Software

The global travel industry is one of the world’s largest markets and dealing with it requires being very selective. Each candidate applying for Sabre Software Terminal must go through a long negotiation process before getting the software. Here is a step-by-step guide to get the software.

Basic Requirements

If you are planning to become a Sabre-connected agent, then your business must meet the below key criteria.

  1. Documentation that proves your business’s legal entity.
  2. A track record of your company’s past performance. However, it is only applicable for companies, who are in the market for quite some time.
  3. Industry accreditations.


If you are planning to secure flight tickets, you must possess an Airline Reporting Corporation number (ARC) for business within the US or a Billing and Settlement Plan Identifier (BSP) for business outside the US by IATA. If you don’t have both, you can operate your business under a host agency, which is connected with Sabre software.

If you are focusing on non-ticketing sales, then you may require a formal travel industry recognition, which can be ARC’s Verified Travel consultant number or IATA’s Travel Industry Designator service.

Secure Your Access Credentials

To get access to Sabre software, you have to fill-up a detailed questionnaire . Once it is done, a representative from Sabre will contact you to discuss details about your application and suggest a contract draft.


You will receive an online contract version for your review. Upon approval to its terms, you will be given access to the management portal where you can manage and process invoices, typically with a payment period of 60 days.

Getting the Software

After the payment is done, Sabre will send you all the credentials to log in the software. You will also get a dedicated account manager, who will make sure you have all the IDs and keys to work with.

To obtain its own Sabre API credentials, a travel company must also be well-established and reputable. It is a lengthy process and takes several documentation processes to get connected with Sabre services. However, it is still worthwhile to make the effort of acquiring your own dedicated Sabre connection in order to access the industry’s finest fares and content.

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