Online travel agencies are catering to their clients with all amenities, which are needed to facilitate the modern travelers with online travel reservation system. The modern travelers are taking advantage of the technology driven solution, where they can select their preferred destination, get the flight tickets and hotel rooms booked instantly at comparatively low price. Apart from that, the OTA’s are the platform, through which the airlines, hotels, bus and other mode of transports are selling their products.

The modern travelers prefer booking flight tickets through travel agencies instead of the airlines directly, as through their travel website, travelers can get the opportunity to check the current price rates of several airlines and get the process done at a very low price. Apart from that, travel agencies offer a lot of discounts on prices which is another benefit for the travelers.

So, having a tight hold on the largest inventory of airlines is a boost to the economy of your business. Travel Portal Solution is a one stop solution, where travel agents can instantly and conveniently book both domestic and international flight tickets. It empowers the travel agency to cater their clients with more and more features to make traveling convenient.

Travel industry is blooming at an astounding rate and the demand for well-integrated travel websites are increasing. When you opt for a flight booking API XML integration, it empowers you with following features:

  • Airline hosting management
  • Reservation management
  • Booking engine
  • B2C- End User Reservation
  • B2B- Travel agent reservation
  • GDS Integration– AmadeusGalileoSabre
  • For IATA and non-IATA agents
  • E- ticketing
  • Third party insurance
  • XML out
  • Airline mobile booking app (both android and iOS)

Some airlines offer discounts to travel agents as they bring them customers and thus increases the selling rate. While building a website, it’s better to check for a highly secured multi-layered payment gateway. The financial transactions among the parties- airlines, travel agents and end-customers, occurred through online payment and so it is very important to protect all the data from leaking.

Booking the tickets through an online portal is a win-win situation for all-airlines, travel agencies and customers. Flight API decodes the real-time searched results of the user, to the service provider and thus the airlines provide them with the availability of seats, latest price and other amenities to the customer. All these process though seems lengthy and tedious, but through a well-integrated website, it executes the task instantly with adequate information and thus making the booking done successfully.

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