From hotel Api To Bus Api Everything A Hotel Needs For A Strong Customer Base

A beautiful hotel building may fascinate the guests for a time being, but it will have a little or no influence on their decision of booking a stay at this hotel . Modern guests or travelers look for hotel booking online platform that allows them to get detailed information with a few clicks. these platforms lets travelers book the hotel instantly, which is quick and convenient. Therefore, without the little luxuries, facilities of advanced technology and equipment, you might be losing potential customers. Therefore, hoteliers or travel agents should make the full use of the latest technology. In this article, some of the popular hotel trends have been listed to help the hotel API management and the travel operators. Let’s check out the trends that are ruling the current industry:

Online Hotel Booking/Hotels Api

As per several reports, 57% of modern travelers book air tickets online and 65% people book a hotel on the same day with the same process of online booking. So, your hotel website or system must be integrated with hotels API. Hotel API Integration will enable you to offer flexible online searching and booking services along with a secure online payment transaction. To reap the maximum benefits from an online hotel booking system, you should look for an advanced hotel booking engine that will help you update real-time information (availability of rooms, current rate charts, running offers/deals etc.).

Device Autonomy

These days, people are not ready to leave their gadgets at home when they are traveling. In most of the cases, they prefer to carry a camera, a laptop, a tablet, phone, or other electronic devices that can help them make the journey entertaining and a bit comfy. As per a study, 45% guests carry two devices with them while 40% hotel guests carry three or more devices during their stay at the hotels. This statistic clearly shows that a huge demographic prefers to carry devices and used equipment with them. If you can make your hotel device autonomous, more customers will take interest in your business.

Billboard Effect

An increase of 14%in instant online booking has been detected by a number of surveys during Online Travel Agency listing. Therefore, it is clear that an increase in offline booking can be assured when a hotel is listed on an Online Travel Agency listing. Above all, during Online Travel Agency Listing, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) increases by 1.5%. So, if you want to be noticed by maximum audiences, put efforts in gaining huge visibility on the Internet.

Online Bus/Car Booking Engine

Your guests would like to come back to your hotel again and again if you can offer them a car or bus service to travel inside or outside the hotel. To make it possible, you can integrate a rental car or bus API into your existing online system. A rental car or bus API will help your guest pick a service as per their convenience directly from your hotel’s website.

A Final Takeaway

Capturing the attention of potential customers would not be difficult if you can implement the discussed trends and maintain a steady, realistic, and tricky approach.  Exercise the best practices to assure the best outcomes!

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