6 Ways To Market A Travel Portal

Customers keep a business alive the way water keeps the living beings alive. A business cannot survive in the aggressive market without a client-base. The travel business is no exception.  This kind of businesses faces certain common questions such as: “how to get quality leads for travel portal?”, “what are the most efficacious strategies for lead generation?”, “how to assure maximum ROI (return on investment)?” This article will help the travel agencies getting answers to these questions so that you can frame an effective marketing strategy for your travel portal.

Listed below are the most effective strategies that can help you generate leads for travel:

Offer A Great Product

This is obvious that travelers would always prefer a great travel product. Therefore, whenever the travelers gets a standard travel product from you, they prefer your business and recommend it to their acquaintances.  Apart from this, recommendations from the business partners, colleagues, and associates can create a huge impact in comparison to any other form of marketing. By showcasing great travel products on your portal, you can increase the chances of recommendations that establish the company’s authenticity as well. Let’s find out some essential features that your products must contain:

  • The product should always be updated with the latest technologies. You travel products should make the daily process of administering easier so that your business can concentrate on what matters most to the clients. This is the first thing that you should consider when you are looking for travel booking/reservation software. This software should be tailored as per the plan of your products.
  • An ideal travel portal will always help the business to grow and scale easily. You should opt for a travel booking system that can make the scaling easy.
  • Your product should be an all-in-one product. Most of the travelers prefer one travel service to fulfil multiple purposes.

Content Marketing

Try to assist the customer as much as you can. If you have a great amount of information make the content available online for people. The more you guide them, the more they will follow you for every problems. Provide your blogs, video content, case studies and infographics to seek for solutions or answers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a traditional marketing system that has been effectively using for more than a decade. Most of the customers are ready to interact via emails. You just need to send right email to the targeted customers at the right time. Whenever you are providing any offer, discount, or holiday packages, you can send the information to your potential customers through an email. For an effective email campaign, you need to collect the email address of your potential clients. There are two methods that you can use to garner the email addresses:

  • Contact form (you can offer a complete form on your white label solution)
  • Opt-in offers (You can offer an incentive for research papers or newsletters whenever a potential lead signs up)

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click Marketing are other effective modes that can help you gain leads. In most of the cases, customers tend to search for products or issues they are facing on the search engines. With the help of SEO and PPC ads, you can easily optimize your travel portal so that it can appear in the top of the search results whenever a potential customer searches for the services or travel products you are offering.

Social Networking sites

Social networks can also be a proven marketing mode for the travel businesses. You just need to study and understand how it works. Specially in travel sector the pictures shared on social networking sites can lure the customer for action. Once you get a clear insight into the social media, you will be able to draft an effective social media plan for your travel portal. Some popular social marketing sites are Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Whatsapp.


Marketing is not a hard and fast rule. Above mentioned are some basic and important ways to market the travel portal. Apart from above strategies one must also consider the current trends and marketing tools & strategies to get ahead of others.

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