The best asset for any OTA or hotels is to build up a booking engine software, that allows their user to get all required, necessary and relevant information against each of their search. A well-decorated online booking engine with unique features and easy user-friendly interface is the key to attract more and more clients. The modern travelers prefer to search and plan their whole travel itinerary through travel portal. So, it is considered to be the prime responsibility of any travel agency to provide their clients with great travel booking experience. Travelers, when plan for their journey to a far distant place, along with flight they look for the accommodation facilities too. To satisfy the needs of these requirements, OTAs or hoteliers are coming up with online booking engine that strengthen the client loyalty and maximize the profit of the business.

But, there are a few things to be concern for while looking for an online booking engine. Just getting a booking engine is not enough, there are a lot of things which needs to be addressed to stay ahead in the industry. But, often we make some mistakes with our booking engine. Here, we will discuss about those objects, which we should avoid.

Bad User Interface

If the user-interface is well-decorated and has the capacity to yield searched results instantly, then it will be a ‘love at first sight’ from user’s side and it will make them utilize your services. A complicated interface makes client move out from your site. Your guests are doing you a favor by using your site, so make sure to reward them with a simple user-friendly website.

Lack Of Booking Review Screen

It is absolutely important to add booking review screen feature, otherwise your clients will be in dilemma, whether they have purchased the right services or not. After putting necessary details, there should be an option to review the whole booking details prior to the payment, so that the client gets a clear picture about his or her purchase. This feature is often overlooked by the hoteliers and OTAs, as they think selling the product or make the clients buy the products is the ultimate motto.

Hidden Prices

This could be the worst experience for any user, if suddenly during the payment process, the hidden charges pops up. Be very clear about the prices you are offering against the rooms and amenities and it should not differ from the real price your customers have to pay at the end. Service tax or other tax should be mentioned separately so that the client gets a clear picture of what they are paying for. Hidden prices may discourage the clients and they will move out of your site.

No Option To Flaunt Your Services

Your services should be clearly visible on the interface. A picture speaks a thousand words than the word itself. Add images of your hotels rooms so that the client can get a clear picture about the place they are going to stay. It makes them excited and they imagine themselves to be in your hotel room. If you are having excellent services, your hotel booking engine is a brilliant platform to show off your assets.

Lack Of Information Feature

The information related to the services you provide, should be there in your booking engine. If your clients don’t get necessary information like availability of rooms and seat in flight, the facilities you provide and vice versa, there are chances that your clients will move away from your site.

If booking online with you is easy and it shows off all your accommodation facilities and services, your clients will come to you every time they need to purchase a travel booking itinerary.

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