4 New Trends To Enhance Your Travel Bookings

2019 is still a newborn baby, yet it is considered to be a year of potentiality. The travel industry is growing rapidly and no chance to halt at anytime soon. To survive in this rapidly growing market, it has become extremely important to keep pace with the latest market developments. The current trend indicates that the number of travelers will rise, who are looking for a one of a kind experience while they are abroad. To quench the thirst of each wanderlust soul, OTAs are keeping themselves updated with every segment of travel portal developments and demands. Just look at the 5 new trends to amplify your travel service sales in this new year.

Live Streaming Of Your Services

Going live has been proven to be one of the most efficient modes of enhancing your brand value and thus increasing your sales. To captivate the attention of your potential clients and motivate them to book your services, it is highly important to have a face-off with your clients. It not only develops a bond of trust among you and your clients, but also it lets you know about the variation of demands, so that in future if needed you can update and integrate new features to meet the needs.

Create Travel Experience Based On Local And International Events

Look at the calendar and identify the upcoming events and festivals of each state and country to draw the attention of people and design your tour package according to the events. Major sporting events like FIFA world cup or ICC Cricket world cup or Olympic are major factors, which brings traveler from across the globe. Festivals are another important part of traveling as it gives them the opportunity to co-relate themselves with the foreign culture and tradition. Take advantage of such events and design your holiday packages according to it, so that your clients don’t have to miss any chance to explore the diversity of the world.

Launch A Short Term Package

The purpose of traveling varies from person to person and to keep the travelers with variation of touring purpose excited and interested in your offerings is essential. By giving your client a short-term holiday package that includes the enticing destinations, sightseeing options, local transport, round-way flight and many more. It makes your customer to come back every time they feel the need to buy the services again.

Design Holiday Edition Of Each Tour You Offer

During peak seasons like summer and winter vacation or a vacation on festivals, people prefer touring to a foreign land for recreation. Consider creating holiday packages that are thematic gives the traveler an opportunity to enjoy their holiday with immense joy and bring only beautiful memories while coming back from the tour.

Scale-up the revenue of your business by utilizing these simple tricks. The travel industry is running smoothly only because customer satisfaction is the only key to this business sector. If you can’t make your client happy with your services, you will lose a good customer base. With tour CMS provided by Travel Portal Development Company which has built your travel portal software with API, you can easily enhance the quality of your services and design unique and alluring holiday packages for travelers.

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