Formerly known as City Discovery, VELTRA is a popular tour and travel brand, based in Hawaii, US. It boasts 4,500 tours and activities around the world and is continuously adding new destinations. With Veltra, thousands of travelers have experienced all-inclusive sightseeing tours. It also provides invaluable online resources for travel agents. Which started out as a simple web-based reservation system, now allows millions of travelers to book tours and activities quickly.

Over 16,000 travel agencies around the world use booking services provided by VELTRA through its robust online distribution channels and direct marketing efforts. With Veltra, travel agents can create a comprehensive travel experience for their clients. With each booking, travel agents can receive commissions on all confirmed sales.

Why Do Travel Agents Need VELTRA?

VELTRA’s Travel Agents Program ensures higher earnings. Whether you own and operate your own travel agency or an independent travel agent or working for a travel agency, and want to include tour and activities as part of your services, VELTRA offers countless packages for any destination worldwide.

VELTRA Features

When you consider VELTRA or City Discovery to source its exclusive tour and activity itineraries for your clients, it provides you with many useful features. It includes:

  • Easy access to all your online bookings
  • Simple booking engine that accepts all major credit cards
  • Dedicated email assistance and live customer support
  • Commissions on a sliding scale starting from 8%
  • E-newsletters with the most updated information and booking specials

To access VELTRA’s inventory, travel agents need to fill an application. There are two types of applications- one is for US-based agents and the other one is for non US-based agents. Once you register yourself, you can receive VELTRA’s best tours and activity packages.

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