TravelFusion API

TravelFusion API is a flagship airline distribution platform of TravelFusion, used by travel agents, meta search engines, and corporate enterprises. This single API enables your flight booking business to search, shop, book, pay, merchandise, and make service booking. It aggregates 360+ LCCs (Low Cost Carriers), 42+ FSCs (Full Service Carriers), rail and hotel operators.

About TravelFusion

TravelFusion is a London-based airline distribution platform, with offices all across the globe. It was founded in 2000 and instantly became popular in the travel distribution landscape. It provides a comprehensive aggregated solution to travel agents for accessing global NCC, LDC, FSC, and consolidator content.

TravelFusion API Integration

TravelFusion directly connects with hundreds of travel suppliers to deliver dynamic distribution capabilities and also acts as a channel to manage highly targeted traffic. When you integrate the single TravelFusion API, it connects you with the world’s most advanced shopping, booking, and servicing capabilities from hundreds of suppliers. The integration also ensures benefits from industry-highest booking success rates with its API’s agile integration technology.

Any travel business enterprise with an aim to expand their business globally, should initiate partnership with TravelFusion. The flight XML API integration by TravelFusion offers the most comprehensive solution by combining multiple airlines and train operators in a single booking. Moreover, agents, meta search engines, and other corporate enterprises can make reservations in any currency and TravelFusion settles the billing with the supplier in their currency.

The rich set of functions and versatile TravelFusion API integration links directly between authorized agent’s system and its online booking system. The fully automated booking process and real-time availability, the integration ensures its agents have constant access to hundreds of travel content suppliers. Moreover, it offers complete control, flexibility, and multiple choices make it one of the most reliable brands in the industry.

With the TravelFusion API, agents can easily manage the entire search and booking process by application. The agents have the control over customers and the user interface throughout the booking process. The data collected through the API are displayed to the end user by the agent’s web servers or desktop application. Once the user selects their preferred service or product, they are redirected to the supplier’s website to complete the booking.

The XML API integration helps travel agents, corporate enterprises, or meta search engines to fetch data from airlines, hotels, rails, and other travel content through third-party suppliers. TravelFusion is that solution that brings all required travel services into a single platform.

For a seamless integration process and to check whether your website is ready to be integrated with the world’s leading Travel API, you need a partner who can assist you with all your travel technology needs. Travel Portal Solution can be that partner, who will help you in every step of integration, from consultation to providing technical support even after the integration is completed.

So, if you are planning to expand your services and enhance your revenue, consider TravelFusion API and connect with Travel Portal Solution for a seamless integration process. Our integration enables agents to show the list of flight details, hotels, and other travel-related services on their site. The integration further helps you get easy and transparent access to thousands of third-party suppliers.

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