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TravelClick is a cloud-based software solution provider for hoteliers worldwide that drives profitable demand. It offers hoteliers with world-class reservation solutions, business intelligence, and a comprehensive marketing solution that unlock your hotel’s potential. It further helps hoteliers gain hospitality market insights, with which they can maximize their revenue, increase occupancy, and streamline operational performance.

Hoteliers can manage their distribution with TravelClick, as it allows collecting and arranging direct bookings. It connects hoteliers and chains with a wide range of distributors and manages rates and allotments. It delivers customer data, needed to reach out to potential clients, convert visitors into paying customers, and retain guest relationships.

With TravelClick Hotel Reservations, you can increase bookings by managing inventory, rates, and restrictions across all OTAs. When you integrate TravelClick into your website, it delivers reservations directly to your Property Management System (PMS).

TravelClick is equipped with a unique set of tools that connects hotels and chains with more sales channels via an intuitive user interface. It further strengthens the communication between a property’s data management system and its online channels.

Hoteliers and OTAs with business in the hospitality sector, should get in touch with Travel Portal Solution. Being one of the leading travel technology providers, TPS connects its OTAs and hoteliers with different systems through TravelClick Channel Manager integration. We understand that each business is unique and has different sets of requirements. To cater to this diversity, we believe in providing personalized solutions that align with your business workflow.

TravelClick is a trusted hotel partner that offers innovative, cloud-based, and data-driven solutions, so that hoteliers around the globe can maximize their revenue. It enures your brand visibility, maintains rate parity, personalized booking experience, and upsell strategically for increased profitability. It also prioritizes your back office by simplifying the daily operational management.

The reason behind the popularity of TravelClick among hoteliers is it provides business intelligence tools. It includes Rate360, a rate comparison tool, Agency360 that gives access to the database of agency bookings, Demand360 that offers access to real-time information, and in-depth reports and enterprise solutions.

Due to its efficiency and ability to provide guest management solutions, TravelClick is used by thousands of hoteliers worldwide. Whether you want to strengthen your channel manager system or expand your hotel booking business, Travel Portal Solution can empower your business with a robust TravelClick Channel Manager integration.

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