TIP Group is a wholesale inbound and outbound tour operator, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a leading multinational group of companies, mainly associated with global strategic operations in integrated manufacturing, distribution, supply chain management, and online sales for the comprehensive range of both industrial and consumer products and services. Basically, it offers digital services for next generation digital mobility, sustainability, and fleet services for the transportation sector. Hence, integrating TIP Group API into your digital space can enhance your travel services and ensure you generate more revenues without putting much effort and time.

TIP Group Digital Services

When you integrate its API, it makes your business more competitive through real-time visibility and advanced analytics. It focuses on six distinct synergy businesses- Contact Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution, Product Design and Engineering, Wholesaling and Retailing, Strategic Sourcing, and Complete Supply Chain Services.

TIP Fleet Radar

TIP’s Fleet Radar is a robust fleet management tool that efficiently manages its customers’ entire fleet. Due to its intuitive design and smart functionalities, it gets comprehensive visibility and full access to the fleet, data and compliance documents, and daily planning processes are optimized easily and quickly. Furthermore, it offers 360° views of all units on rent, lease, and maintained by TIP via contracted and non-contracted maintenance service.

TIP Fleet Inspected

With TIP’s Fleet Inspected, it offers asset or fleet inspection solutions. When you consider TIP Group XML API integration, it lets you digitally check the condition of an asset anytime, anywhere. It allows the owner to document the damage and trace the responsible party and rebill them accordingly.

TIP Data Bridge

Data Bridge is a TIP Group API that delivers quick integration between TIP insight and other TIP applications you are using. The integration seamlessly links the applications to TIP solutions. Basically, it unites all software application data into intelligent building blocks allowing your software partner to collect relevant data from a central database.

TIP Group API Integration

When you are in an online travel business, integration of multiple services is an utmost necessity. There are several components to monitor, which includes transportation, accommodation, transfers, etc. With TIP Group API, you can easily add an extensive list of transportation services. It consists of airport transports via taxis or exclusively rented cars, and even VIP transport services, such as transports via limousine and airport parking facilities, including airport check-ins and baggage handling.

How to Integrate TIP Group API

Integrating an API needs to be done by a professional who has expertise in the field. Being a leading travel technology provider, Travel Portal Solution empowers travel business by equipping their website with relevant travel APIs. For anyone, who wants to utilize TIP Group’s functionalities, should get in touch with Travel Portal Solution for a seamless integration.

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