Sunny Cars API Integration

Planning a car rental business across Europe? Your business needs to be upgraded with Sunny Cars API Integration. It connects you with rental cars across 120 countries at more than 8,000 stations.

Sunny Cars was founded in 1991 by Kai Sannwald. It is one of the largest car rental providers in Europe and is active in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg.

Why Travel Agencies Need Sunny Car API

A travel agent must provide their end-customers with all-inclusive service. Having car rental service along with flight booking, hotel booking, and holiday packages, allow a travel agent or tour operator to add transfers and vacation car rentals easily. It makes them a one-stop shop for all travel needs.

With fair and transparent prices, all-inclusive services, insurance in case of damage, easy booking and smooth takeover and return, Sunny Car is one of the best investments a travel agent can make for its customers. Even though Sunny Car doesn’t maintain its own fleet, it brings together supply and demand. They work with selected partners in over 120 countries and the integration with them guarantees you a comprehensive range of vehicles with high availability.

This XML-based web service is used to retrieve details from Sunny Car’s database and also to get flexibility to create and modify car rental reservations directly within their system.

Sunny Cars offers an all-inclusive insurance coverage. It includes comprehensive insurance, theft insurance with no excess, liability insurance with a minimum coverage of 7.5 million euros, unlimited mileage, local taxes, airport charges, and coverage for damaged tires, roof, glass, and underbody.

How Travel Portal Solution Assists Travel Agents With Sunny Cars

Travel Portal Solution is one of the leading travel service providers that has been empowering travel agencies with cutting-edge solutions. It provides the best API integration for Sunny Cars through XML for quick response. It is beneficial for travel agents as it allows them to offer their customers personalization through wider choice. The car rental API provided by Travel Portal Solution directly connects you to all inventory and ensures your customers or agents can get the best deals.

We offer travel agents a unified XML API interface. With this, agents can easily manage all their supplier inventory in one place instead of logging into multiple systems and searching through different screens for live fares. It is less time-consuming, reduces cost, and boosts your sales.

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