Sercotel API

Get complete access to Sercotel’s world-class hotel inventories with Sercotel API. Travel Portal Solution provides the best API integration service to OTAs, TMCs, DMCs, and travel agents. Sercotel has multiple hotels and apartments in multiple locations, so integrating its API enables businesses to expand their services. 

About Sercotel

Sercotel is a leading hotel chain, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 1994 as an outsourcing business for hotels without its own sales force, it now has more than hundreds of three and four star urban hotels in Spain and Andorra. This dedicated hotel management brand has offices in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, and Valencia. Initially it used to cover the commercial needs of independent hotels that couldn’t compete with large hotel chains.

Being one of the leading Spanish hotel chains, Sercotel not only offers hotel rooms for all budgets, it also features apartments in major cities in Spain and Andorra.

Why Choose Sercotel API

When a travel booking website or app is integrated with the API of Sercotel Hotel Group, they get an online booking tool specifically designed for travel agencies. Agents need to register themselves with Secotel to access its options. After the registration, you can make a reservation on behalf of your clients. It provides immediate confirmation of the reservation. Furthermore, it also ensures commissions for each online booking and thus ensures the best price in the market.

One of the major reasons behind Secotel’s popularity is its Quality System, which aims at hotels that market themselves under its brand. It also offers constant operational and training support to each hotel and offers a personalized service. Therefore, it is a highly popular choice among travel agents and hoteliers.

How To Integrate Sercotel API

Integrating Sercotel API is easy with Travel Portal Solution, a reputed and reliable travel technology provider. Travel agencies, who wish to expand their service and hoteliers who want to sell their rooms under the brand of Sercotel Hotel Group can get assistance from Travel Portal Solution. We ensure a seamless integration and travel technology service.

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