Destinations of the World

Destinations of the World, a leading B2B travel industry wholesaler, provides bulk hotel room bookings. Destinations of the World, in short DOTW, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, connects travel professionals with over 80,000 major hotel chains and independent hotels in 7,500 cities worldwide. With DOTW, travel agencies can receive instant hotel accommodation pricing data and booking for a global network of travel agents.

DOTW is one of the fastest growing accommodation distribution service providers. It secures blocks of hotel rooms in different destinations and sells the bookings to a wide network of travel agents, tour operators, and airlines. The access of thousands of hotels in multiple destinations across the globe enables travel agents to provide their clients with plenty of choices on accommodation and ground travel products.

Destination of the World’s robust and user-friendly online reservation system enables travel agents, OTAs, and tour operators access its multiple travel services, including accommodation, transfers, sightseeings, and travel packages. Today, DOTW processes over 3,000 bookings worldwide each day and generates over 2.3 million bed nights per annum.

Due to its massive products and services, many travel professionals integrate Destination of the World API. This integration allows them to receive real-time search results for multiple bookings. As a dedicated travel technology provider, Travel Portal Solution empowers small, mid-scale, and large travel agencies with the best tech-solution. We provide the best travel APIs, so that agents can expand their services and generate high revenues.

If you are considering DOTW Destinations API, connect with Travel Portal Solution for assistance.

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