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American Tours International, in short ATI, is a leading travel service provider in North America. Its agile technology solution connects over 30,000 accommodation, attraction, and transportation suppliers to clients worldwide. Its innovative features for next generation, such as escorted tours and airtours, with multi-model transportation concept, make it one of the most reliable brands in the travel and tourism industry.

It aims to offer a more comprehensive and efficient travel experience. Therefore, its services include traveling by private air, rail, and deluxe motor coach, enabling passengers to cover long distances in utmost comfort. With so many transportation services and travel experiences, ATI now offers more choices than ever, allowing clients to customize bespoke road trips across the United States and Canada.

American Tours International is not just a bedbank. It offers exclusive deals on over 25,000 properties across North America. Moreover, it offers more lodging options inside America’s national parks than any other operator in the world. Partners can access ATIs various travel content and distribute the services among end customers.

It empowers travel agencies and tour operators in North America by building custom-based web platforms. ATI website allows travel agencies to locate hotels, tours, excursions, and transportations easily, ensuring efficient workflows. Clients with their own booking portal can access its real-time web services, content data, and caching technologies, through American Tours International API. The API integration of ATI offers reliability, accuracy, and value, reducing technical investment.

When a travel agent integrates relevant travel APIs related to their niche, the integration offers them access to third-party inventory. Travel Portal Solution offers a robust and seamless connection between AMerican Tours International and OTAs.

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