SEO Tips For Travel Website

would you like to drive traffic on your travel website from search engine like google? or you want to make more sales to grow business. you can get all these if you optimise your website for google. so here we are going to tell you some SEO tips for your travel website.

Domain Name

if you are going to develop your travel website, you need to choose the domain name first. Because a domain name is the address, where user will be able to access your website. there is some points which you need to keep in mind at the time of domain registration.

  • Domain name should be short so that user can easily remember your website and brand, like
  • At the time of choosing the domain name you can consider the keyword or brand name in the domain. Brand option would be recommended for recognised brand like make my trip.
  • if you are just starting you can opt for domain as you like, either brand name or keyword.

User Experience

This is the most important thing which you have to keep in your mind at the time of development of your travel website. even paid advertisement, like Adwords, will not convert in to the sales, if User Experience is not good. The website should be able to meet the expectations of all users.

Use Ssl Https

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and https stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol secure. if you want to optimise your travel website for google this is necessary. Because security is very important to google. user would also not like to access your website if it will show not secure in browser. your site could boost in ranking if it has an SSL certificate..

Seo Friendly Url

SEO Friendly URL plays the vital role in ranking factor. if your keyword is in url, it will boost your ranking, But remember you always need to use only one main keyword in URL. it should be short within 50 to 60 characters is recommended.

like if you are optimising for Kerala honeymoon package your content title should be Honeymoon in Kerala or and the url should be or category/honeymoon-in-kerala.

Title Tag

write a title tag which include your main keyword and services of the particular page. Because title tag will tell search engines what your page is all about. check the below image i got this result when i searched for “Travel Portal Solution” 

 There are several things which you need to remember while writing the Title, it should be unique and different on every page. try to keep your title within 60 characters because above 60 your title may not be displayed correctly in Search Results of Google.

Meta Description

Write a unique meta description which include your keyword and about the page content. because meta description is what appears under the URL of your page in the search engines. and even across social media platforms. see the below example of Google result. 

Facebook Share Example of Title and Meta Description.

Unique Page Content

Write a unique Content for your pages like services, About Us etc. your service page must specify all the things that you can offer to your customer. and about us page should be everything about your company. these content should be unique because Google hates Duplicate content and it will harm your website in search results.


Put the keyword in Headline and content, before putting the keyword, please remember Your Main Keyword Should be in,Title, Description, headings and subheadings. your keyword should be in content as well but not more than 2% of total content length. For an example if your article have 500 words then one keyword can be used 10 times.

Image Optimisation

Use your keyword in Image Alt Tag and Title tag, Do not use copyright images, always use Good and clear images in your website. many users use google images to search what they are looking for. also compress images for better site speed.

Website Speed

Check your website speed on GT Metrix, it will give you an idea about where you need to do changes in whole website for speed optimisation.

So above are the brief description about SEO Tips For Travel Website. after this in next post we are going to start a online SEO Tutorial for Travel Website Owners. please subscribe for our newsletter if you like our post and comment us if you have any question about this article.

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